Concrete Sealing

Auckland’s First Option for Concrete Sealing

We provide an extensive range of concrete sealers and protective floor coatings, catering to all flooring purposes and requirements. 

Concrete pathways, driveways and steps receive a hammering every year from New Zealand’s “four seasons in one day” weather conditions. Rain, chemicals, and UV rays combine to slowly erode your concrete surface from the inside out unless it is adequately protected from the elements. Don’t let your concrete surface rot away, get it sealed by one of our concrete sealers. 

Our concrete sealer products will seal the concrete surface, making it more resistant to weather and chemical damage. Not only this, but our sealers don’t alter the appearance or texture of the underlying concrete surface and won’t discolour either.

Guard your surface from damage by using only premium High durability concrete floor coatings.

When selecting to get your concrete floor sealed or coated, you are ensuring that your floor will remain well protected from stains and general wear and tear for years to come. And when you use our services, we will ensure only premium products are used for sealing concrete.  This will provide several benefits, such as improving floor strength, resulting in less spalling or cracking over time. 

Concrete sealer provides:

  • Provides and effective barrier to water and moisture.
  • Protects concrete from cold damage.
  • Scaling and popping resistant
  • Safeguards the surface from salt and or water damage 
  • Protects against staining from oil and chemicals.
  • Provides a protective layer from harsh UV Rays.

Wanting to find out more about protective floor coatings? Simply give our team a call, we’re ready to help you with your flooring solution. As the professional team of concrete sealing solutions throughout Auckland .